Top 10 Best Casinos in the World

Top 10 Best Casinos in the World

After we’ve seen which are the top 10 of the best online casinos, lets see which ones are the best ‘offline’ casinos. Though the popularity of online casinos is increasing in the present day, there are many people out there who want to try their fortune in the best real casinos in the world. Some of the best casinos in the world have everything that makes it a paradise for gamblers. Most of these casinos also offer nightclubs, restaurants and bars along with the regular game slots and tables. If you are a person interested in gambling and you have plenty of time to play the games on offer, then here is the list of top10 casinos in the world that you need to visit.

The Venetian Macao- Macau, China

This casino is the part of a luxury resort on the coastal strip of Macau. This casino has the canals and streets of Venice as its theme. There are four gaming rooms with different themes, large entertainment complex and hotel suits inside this resort which spreads over 546,000 sq. ft. The casino offers 3,000 gaming machines and 870 table or poker games.

Foxwoods Casino –Connecticut, USA

This casino located in Foxwoods Resort, Ledyard, Connecticut contains 6 different casinos which cover a gambling space of 340,000 square feet. There are 6,300 game slot machines and 380 gambling tables. There are five hotels and many restaurants in this resort and offers unlimited gambling and entertainment experience to the visitors.

City Of Dreams-Macau, China

This casino has a contemporary design and attracts the couples as well as singles. It has an area of 420,000 sq. ft with 1,500 gaming slots and 500 casino tables. There are 1,400 hotel rooms and 14 bars located in this resort. You can get Las Vegas like experience in China by visiting the city of dreams.

MGM Grand Casino-Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the sin city and MGM casino has the largest gaming area in Las Vegas. The gaming floor has an area of 171,500 square feet. This casino located in the world’s third largest hotel offers 139 tables for gambling games and pokers. There are also 2,500 slot machines which include progressive slots, video poker and multi -game machines. You can bet up to $1000 and get a payout as big as $ 500,000.

Tusk Rio Casino- Klerksdrop, South Africa

This is the fifth largest casino in the world and the gaming floor covers an area of 266,330 sq. ft. This is the best and the largest casino in the African continent and has a Brazilian carnival theme. There are three bars and restaurants in this casino resort. There are 274 ultra modern slot machines and 12 table games on offer. The slot machines are open 24 hours. The winners are provided with exclusive offers and promotions.

Casino Porte- Macau, China

Macau is the site for impressive casinos in the world and Casino Porte or Ponte 16 is located on a world heritage site in Macau. This Casino Porte extends to 270,000 sq.ft and has Portuguese and Chinese design in its architecture. This casino houses 320 gaming machines and 10 table and poker games. There are 423 hotel rooms and 3 bars and restaurants in this resort.

The venetian resort casino –Las Vegas

This luxury hotel casino is operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and features the model of the tower of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. This casino is a part of the five-diamond hotel and resort complex and has a casino space of 120,000square feet. You can enjoy the excitement offered by the table games, slots, video poker machines and imperial baccarat. The night club, different bars and restaurants are the other major attractions in this resort.

Bellagio-Las Vegas

This casino is owned by the MGM resorts, and has the famous poker room called “ the Office”. This casino offers high table limits and hence professional gamblers are attracted to this casino. Bets with high stakes like $4,000 and above are held at a special venue called “Bobby’s room”. The players can make as high as $1million from the games offered here.

Casino Lisboa- Lisbon, Portugal

This casino is located near River Tagus in Park Of Nations. You will be able to try your luck on 1100 latest slot machines and the gaming tables which include roulette, blackjack, French banking, etc. The gaming floor has an area of 165,000 square feet and has 1000 hotel rooms. Three bars in this resort provide service to the game rooms.

Borgata casino- Atlantic city

This casino is located in the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City. You can have the ultimate casino experience at Borgata. You can have the best game selection from the different slots, table and video poker on offer. There are 3,000 slots, 180 table games for you to select from. The gaming floor in this casino is 161,000 sq.ft and there are 2002 hotel rooms and 17 bars located in this resort.

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