All Irish Casino

All Irish Casino

All Irish Casino barely needs its name to indicate it’s theme. As soon as you land on the site, you’re met with a scene of Dublin, a Shamrock and heaps of green, leaving you in no doubt of its intentions. Although it is the only online casino aimed squarely at the Irish market, it welcomes players from other nationalities too. It would be a bit daft if it didn’t. Focusing your entire business model on a country with a population of less than 5 million people leaves you a little low on growth options. Thankfully, they’ve secure licenses from the UK and Malta so their doors are open to most of Europe. The theme certainly comes in handy in that regard. After all, this is a nation which has its very own cliched phrase that’s the perfect fit for an online casino (‘the luck of the Irish’, in case you’re wondering). But when I come to write about Ireland, I can only think of UK comedy’s Alan Partridge and his hamfisted attempts to impress two producers with his stereotypical ideals about Guinness, Beamish and the Blarney stone. So, I’ll leave it there, and move on to the website itself.

How Does All Irish Casino Look?

The short answer to this is ‘bloody Irish’. We’ve already mentioned the scenes of Dublin, shamrock logo and green decorations. Well, at the time of writing, you’ll also find a bloke with a green shirt on celebrating inside a traditional Irish pub, having just scored a slot machine win. It’s certainly not a misplaced theme. Few nations are more universally loved than Ireland. The people are famed for their friendly, jovial nature and love of a good time. Studies even suggest that British people are more likely to trust an Irish accent than other types. It’s a great formula, and one that has proved successful. But we couldn’t help noticing the ‘familiar’ look of the website.

That’s because we’ve played at All British Casino, which is a sibling of All Irish Casino, as you might guess. The two sites use a very similar template for their online casinos. It’s a simple formula really. Change the logo, switch the image at the top of the page, introduce different colours and hey presto! You have a new and exciting online casino. We don’t want this to sound dismissive. It might be a simple formula, but it’s one that works. All Irish Casino is an excellent site, and there’s no doubt that the Green, White and Orange colours mix well with one another. They also lend a distinctive look to a very tidy online casino. It not spectacularly groundbreaking, but it’s attractive and comfortable. All Irish Casino looks good.

Is All Irish Casino Easy to Use?

Well the registration process is an absolute doddle, we can tell you that. We’re never really sure what to make of an online casino that doesn’t ask you to verify your account. On one hand, it save an extra bit of effort. On the other hand, is it a necessary security step? You don’t have to do it here, so there’s no checking your email for a link or code – or so we thought. We registered, stayed on the site, play some free play and went to deposit. Yet, when we checked our email later, we found a message asking us to activate. It’s a bit confusing, but we think the activation does complete the sign up process. It also activates your free spins, but we had a few problems in that regard (we’ll address those later). Despite any confusion surrounding the registration process, we’re happy to take our lead from the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority, both of which have approved All Irish Casino as a responsible, secure site.

There’s no reason why you can’t make yourself at home very quickly once you are signed up. This is a classic casino with an easy interface. The design team never transport you more than a click away from key functions. A permanent ‘Main Menu’ is fixed to the bottom of each page, and doesn’t even move when you start scrolling. It remains in place when you open a game, so you can click back to the home page easily. Alternatively, you can access the deposit, withdrawal, my account and customer support sections. The fixed menu is a simple device that makes a big difference to your experience using the site. It’s also indicative of All Irish Casino’s wider strategy, which promotes ease-of-use above everything else. There are a lot of shortcuts from the main page – perhaps a couple too many – but subsections are typically split into further subsections, creating a structure which allows you to find any information you need easily.

Which Games Can You Play at All Irish Casino?

All Irish Casino launched as a NetEnt casino, and has remained faithful to the provider. However, many of the best online slots from other top suppliers have been added since to boost the level of choice available when you play. MicroGaming are well represented, and there’s a near complete suite of Amatic games as well. The latter doesn’t have a strong presence at many other online casinos. However, it’s an offshoot of Novomatic so the quality of the games is not in question. That said, NetEnt remains the principle provider, and lends its expertise to the All Irish Live Casino as well. They also provide the lion’s share of the jackpot slots, although MicroGaming contribute big favourites like Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis and Major Millions as well.

The games are well arranged, All Irish Casino continue their love affair with menu options to make it so. The lack of a ‘provider’ filter isn’t as noticeable as it would be elsewhere, because just three suppliers provide the bulk of the games. You can browse through the different categories to see video slots, jackpots, table games, poker games etc grouped together. Alternatively, the search function works quickly and uses some ‘predictive’ technology to make your life that little bit easier. It’s a solid games selection across the board, although we have a read accounts from poker players who have struggled to find too many others to play with. We didn’t manage replicate those issues, albeit within sociable hours. All Irish Casino’s chief concern is the provision of online slots, however. If you like you slots and like NetEnt, MicroGaming and/or Amatic, you’ll find everything you need here.

The All Irish Casino Welcome Bonus

All Irish Casino could hardly offer you a warmer welcome if they sat you down, plied you with Guinness and danced around you to the tune of The Nolans (we’ll leave the cliched nonsense there). First off, you receive a chunky bundle of 22 free spins to get you going. The free spins are available on a choice of three NetEnt games – Pyramid, Aloha! Cluster Pays or (of course) Starburst. We did encounter a slight snag, however. It’s something we mentioned earlier, but can expand upon here. We opened out account, then activated before opening up one of the designated games. Lo and behold, however, we did not have any free spins. We tried on both mobile and desktop but ended up contacting customer support via live chat. Our agent could not add the free spins, but he did add an equivalent cash bonus of £2.20 to compensate. It was all sorted quickly so we won’t dwell on it.

Once you’ve worked your way through your no deposit bonus, you can make your first payment to activate the rest of your welcome package. It comes in the form of a couple of chunky 100% cash bonuses up to £500/€500, earned against each of your first two deposits. The bonuses are given equal weighting and both subject to x40 wagering requirements. That both bonuses are given equal weighting is unusual, and clearly designed to retain your interest in the site. All Irish Casino has enough going for it to warrant repeated visits anyway, so the reload bonus just provides another excuse to return for more. The cash bonuses were simple to collect, with none of the fuss that surrounded our no deposit free spins. You can always check all casino promotions for this casino any many more on our dedicated section!

Why Become a Regular Player at All Irish Casino?

We’ve already described many of All Irish Casino’s positive attributes in some detail. The solid selection of games, excellent welcome package and tidy website will appeal to most players. Bonus fans will also enjoy the casino’s weekly ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ bonus opportunities, which frequently offer players the chance to pick up free spins, cash matches and more. The site doesn’t have the same reputation for big prize giveaways and tournaments as some of its peers, but it does operate a loyalty scheme so regular players are rewarded. We’re not going to overdo the hyperbole here, but equally we don’t want to underplay how enjoyable it is to play at this online casino. Simply put, it’s a solid, reliable and fun place to play your favourite games.

The All Irish Casino Mobile Casino

The All Irish Mobile Casino is almost identical to the desktop site. We’re going to get our one gripe out of the way first. When you first log in, you are met with a overarching ‘deposit now’ function before you’ve made your first payment. It keeps popping up even when you use the menu (which sits below it) to navigate to other pages, and completely distracts you from the games, especially when you are trying to use your no deposit bonus. That aside, however, the mobile casino does the brand justice. It has the same undeniably Irish colour scheme and design. The menu options are identical, the fixed option set has exactly the same icons as the one found on the main site.

This mobile casino hasn’t been rushed out the door. It retains most of the functionality of the desktop site, including live chat (one brownie point) and a full cashier service (two brownie points). The site also loads directly from your browser, so there’s no need to download an app. It’s fully compatible for iPhones, iPads and almost every Android smart phone or tablet, and it has an excellent range of games. You can also use your welcome bonus, including those no deposit free spins, in the mobile casino. Other than that annoying ‘please deposit now or we’ll keep asking you to do so’ pop up, there’s very little to quibble about.

Our Verdict on All Irish Casino

Ireland is one of the most popular nations in the world, and now it has a gaming site to match. In no way does it reinvent to wheel – or claim to do so – but it has loads of great qualities, and you can see why it attracts so many players. The theme provides a focus, but the gameplay, customer support and security record combine to make All Irish Casino one of the best online casinos to hang your hat. The 22 no deposit free spins and duo of 100% cash bonuses don’t do any harm either. We’ve enjoyed at time playing here, so much so that we’re prepared to forgive the blip with our welcome bonus. It gave us the chance to test customer support, who sorted the problem quickly. For that reason, the experience hasn’t clouded our judgement too much. All Irish Casino might not blow your socks off straight away, but we’re confident that you’ll enjoy all that the site has to offer.